DOT Programs

As you may know by this time, acquiring current and reliable sources for State and Federal Regulations isn’t always as simple as it should be. With the nature of the World Wide Web, references to regulations and laws are not exceptions to all the information that is stored and ever present on the Web. It’s very easy to conduct search for a specific topic and find yourself endlessly sifting through articles and re-direct links to websites that offer relative material to your search topic. Unfortunately, many are outdated and have become obsolete, therefore misleading when it comes to the constant regulatory and statutory changes or revisions.

ERMA-DOT and our related services will help to ensure that your business maintains compliance with all D.O.T. regulations. Below are the basic mandatory items and forms your business needs to maintain compliance. Or, If you’d prefer that your employees stay focused only within the portions of your operation that generate profit, explore ERMA-DOT’s Premium Services, thereby placing your compliance in the hands of a reliable Third Part Administrator or Service Agent. For many businesses, is the best solution, while also providing the peace of mind that it is being handled in a timely and correct manner.

ERMA-DOT provides a full array of services including all necessary Policies, Documentation, Training, Consortium Management, Safety Performance History Backgrounds, and assistance with the FMCSA Clearinghouse Participation & Recordkeeping Requirements.

Our Comprehensive DOT Compliance Membership includes: All aspects of your DOT Compliance concerning your drivers and vehicles. ERMA-DOT will act as your On/Off-Site Safety and Compliance Director and assist in the day to day trucking operations of you Dept. of Transportation Regulations.



Driver Qualification

Driver Qualification List