Advanced DOT Compliance


Staying up to speed with all your drivers and their Hours of Service within the bounds of the State and Federal Regulations*49 CFR Part 395 can be extremely time consuming itself. Whether your operation is subject to the new ELD Mandate, or is within the Short Haul criteria utilizing a D.O.T. approved Timesheet, there are many other supporting documents to gather, retain, and use to verify the Hours of Service Records the drivers are creating out on the public roadways. That is under the D.O.T.’s jurisdiction and the Motor Carrier is ultimately responsible to audit and monitor all Time Records being created to ensure that they are accurate, legal, and true.

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Once you’ve gotten through the interview process and made the decision to hire an employee – we’d be happy to take it from there! If the applicant will be filling a position that is defined as a safety sensitive function by the D.O.T.– you may have already discovered or may not be fully aware of the many added responsibilities and processes you must fulfill as the Motor Carrier, not just the prospective employer to ensure that employee will be an asset, rather than a liability with regards to the safety and integrity of your operation. Specifically, with Commercial Drivers, 49 CFR Part 391 is one of our specialties. We see to it that all the regulatory requirements are met, and the process of fully qualifying a driver is completed efficiently and within the window of time allowed and if you’re a Comprehensive Client of ours, we’ll continuously monitor and keep your Drivers and their Qualification Files in compliance with all the recordkeeping requirements throughout each month of the year.

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In the back end of the record keeping associated with every commercial motor vehicle and piece of equipment that operates under the authority of your D.O.T. #, there needs to be a system in place to both keep track of expirations, renewals, and enter in any work performed and repairs made onto maintenance record logs for each vehicle. Ahead of that, monitoring the facilitation of a Preventative Maintenance Schedule to ensure that your drivers, dispatchers, and repair shops are all fulfilling a role and engaged in a communicative effort to keep all the equipment operating safely out on the public roadways. This is not an area of your operation to take lightly, or allow the “we don’t fix it unless it’s broke” or “safety first, unless it affects the bottom line” standard get a foothold in your maintenance program. Your drivers are the last line of defense when it comes to vehicle inspection and the communication of repairs to be made that no matter how insignificant they seem at the time, could be a preventative measure that saves you and that driver from a lot of unwanted headaches and hardships resulting from accidents and more extensive repairs in the future.


Since its inception in 1991, the purpose of the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act was to promote safety and accountability across an entire industry.

The prospect of a safe work environment and maintaining compliance within the infamous 49 CFR Par 40 and Sec. 382 have brought many challenges upon the Trucking and Transportation Industry. As part of our Comprehensive Compliance Service we have the capabilities to fully manage your program for you.

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If you need a better understanding of the registration process or in completing any of the registrations related to your operating authority such as the New Entrant, MCS-150, Haz – Mat, UCR (Unified Carrier Registration), applying for an MC Number (For Hire – Operating Authority) or appropriate vehicle and trailer rating for registration purposes – we can help with that!


If you’re a MOTOR CARRIER and haven’t yet registered within the F.M.C.S.A. Portal – you’re missing out on a great tool to help you monitor your operation’s C.S.A. score and current live look at the S.M.S. profile and data associated with it – no more waiting for monthly updates to come through to see where you stand. There are many other benefits to the Portal and areas of direct access for information relating to your operation’s D.O.T. Registrations and overall existence. We can help you through the registration process, understand the areas of access and data it gives you which will in turn, help you use it to its full potential.


Our compliance professionals will help you understand the SMS System and how your safety management contributes to your safety problems. We will give your company a detailed mock audit evaluation by examining the same documents, files, training material and supporting documentation that a DOT Compliance investigator would examine during a Compliance Review.

We will educate and train your staff in the areas that need improvement, provide your company with the necessary documents and policies to keep your company compliant and moving in the right direction!

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